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Manchester College of Management Science´s mission is to provide high quality, high value education to advance the professional aims of its students in a competitive, dynamic, global environment. The primary objective of the College is to provide avenues for higher education. The College recognizes that the search for truth and knowledge is a basic reason for its existence as are the transmission of humanistic values and the fostering of habits of critical thinking and academic research. more...


Manchester is a truly multicultural city and international students are well catered for. With a variety of cultures, traditions and ethnicity living together, Manchester has amenities for people of all backgrounds. It is home to people of many religions and faiths, and there are places of worship for all religions over the city as well as dedicated religious clubs and societies within the Student's Union. more...

   Prospective Student

These pages help choosing your subject, information about finances and tips on applying.

   Student Visitor

This section describes the immigration category of student visitor, and explains who can come to the UK as a student visitor.

   Life in Manchester

Manchester is a truly multicultural city and international students are well catered for.

   UKBA Tier-4 Rules

This explains how you can apply to come to or remain in the UK as an adult student under Tier 4 (General) of the PBS.

  Principal's Message  

19 December 2014   We welcome all students from Manchester, the wider community throughout the UK and from overseas. We not only equip you with the necessary qualifications, but also with the life proficiency to succeed.We pride ourselves on offering top quality education in a warm, compassionate and inspiring environment. We have a diverse staff with the knowledge and experience to help our students achieve their academic desires. more... Fazal Khan

  Directors Message  

19 December 2014   Manchester College of Management Sciences (MCMSc) set up in 2010 has over years been adapting itself to the changing needs. MCMSc made a significant progress in terms of both the number of programmes and students as well as professional recognition and achievements.
MCMSc aims at becoming one of the most preferred Management College in Manchester. MCMSc places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline. It offers a wide range of academic courses to students, giving them a solid academic foundation and enabling them to achieve their individual goals.
I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future in a chosen career or profession. more... Faisal Hussain, Mahmood Hussain

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